Zuno Cat Super Saiyan

🐾 Name: Zuno Cat
🐾 Colorway: Super Saiyan - Dragon Ball
🐾 Material: Resin
🐾 Production method: Multishots Resin Casting

🐾 Story
Son Goku is one of the most iconic characters of the manga and anime series "Dragon Ball" created by Akira Toriyama. In the story, the Super Saiyan state is an important milestone, marking the remarkable development of Goku's power.

🐾 PStrength and ability

•Physical Strength: Super Saiyan greatly enhances Goku's physical strength, helping him overcome most powerful opponents that were previously invincible.
•Speed ​​and reflexes: Goku's speed and reflexes are also enhanced, helping him fight more quickly and effectively.
•Ki Blast and moves: Energy moves such as Kamehameha become much more powerful in Super Saiyan state, able to cause greater damage to opponents.
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