Zuno Cat SSJ4

🐾 Name: Zuno Cat
🐾 Colorway: SSJ4 - Dragon Ball
🐾 Material: Resin
🐾 Production method: Multishots Resin Casting

🐾 Story
Son Goku SSJ4 (Super Saiyan 4) is a powerful and unique form of Goku that appears in the anime series "Dragon Ball GT". This is a special transformation, not in the original manga "Dragon Ball" by Akira Toriyama.
Super Saiyan 4 is an advanced level of Super Saiyan transformation, achieved when a Saiyan can control the immense power of his Great Ape (Ozaru) form in his Super Saiyan state. To achieve this form, Goku needs to transform into Golden Great Ape and then retake control of his consciousness to evolve into Super Saiyan 4.

🐾 Appearance
• Hair and fur: In his Super Saiyan 4 state, Goku has long black hair and a mane of red fur that covers most of his upper body, from his halberd to his wrists. He also has black eyebrows and red-rimmed eyes, giving him a wild yet strong appearance.
• Costume: Goku wears yellow pants with a green belt, no shirt, revealing his upper body covered with red fur.

🐾 Strength and ability
• Physical strength: Super Saiyan 4 gives Goku superior strength compared to previous Super Saiyan forms. He can easily fight the strongest opponents in the universe.
• Ki Blast and Kamehameha: The power of energy moves such as Kamehameha are also significantly enhanced, becoming stronger and dealing greater damage.
• Speed ​​and agility: This form not only enhances strength but also improves speed, reaction ability and agility in combat.
• Regeneration: Super Saiyan 4 form also helps Goku recover quickly after fierce battles, keeping him always ready to fight.
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