Zuno Cat Son Goku

🐾 Name: Zuno Cat
🐾 Colorway: Son Goku - Dragon Ball
🐾 Material: Resin
🐾 Production method: Multishots Resin Casting

🐾 Story
Son Goku is the main character in the manga and anime series "Dragon Ball" by Akira Toriyama. When mentioning Goku in his childhood, two familiar symbols often mentioned are the Flying Nimbus and the Dragon Ball.

• Flying Nimbus: is Goku's main means of transportation in his first adventures. It symbolizes Goku's innocence, kindness, and pure heart. The use of Can Dau Van also emphasizes that only people with good qualities can enjoy magical and special things.
• Dragon Ball: Dragon Ball is the driving force behind the main plot, leading Goku and his friends through many challenges and battles. Finding the Dragon Ball is not only to fulfill wishes but also a journey to help the characters grow, learn and discover themselves.
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