Zara & Mo

Quantity: 15
🐾Name: Zara & Mo
🐾 Colorway: Original
🐾 Material: Resin
🐾 Production method: Multishots Resin Casting


🐾Story Zara & Mo:
Zara is famous for her yin and yang eyes, one side has a powerful seal that allows her to see and communicate with the spirit world, the other side is pure and clear. Not only is she good at chasing away evil spirits, but she also has a very special pet named Mo.

Mo is the soul of a mysterious little cat with extremely powerful spiritual energy. He has round and mischievous eyes. Mo likes to be mischievous and often disappears and appears suddenly, sometimes startling Zara, but he is always by her side to help her in dangerous missions.

One day, the village was attacked by an evil spirit. The villagers panic and go to Zara to ask for her help. Zara calmly walked out into the middle of the village, her yin and yang eyes shining brightly in the dark night. Mo hovered next to her, ready to assist her mistress.

Zara began to perform magic, her hands drawing ancient symbols in the air. The evil soul screamed, trying to attack Zara, but Mo quickly flew forward, emitting a bright light that made the devil step back.

Finally, Zara creates a powerful seal, binding the evil soul and returning it to the underworld. The villagers were happy and thanked Zara and Mo profusely. They know that, as long as Zara and Mo are there, the village will always be safe and peaceful.
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