Majinbuu Cat

🐾 Name: Majinbuu Cat
🐾 Colorway: Majinbuu - Dragon Ball
🐾 Material: Resin
🐾 Production method: Multishots Resin Casting

🐾 Story
Majin Buu is an important and complex character in the manga and anime series "Dragon Ball" by Akira Toriyama.
Majin Buu is an ancient and powerful creature created by the wizard Bibidi millions of years ago. After causing much destruction throughout the universe, Buu was sealed by Bibidi and brought to Earth. Later, Bibidi's son, Babidi, sought to free Buu to continue his father's goal of domination.

🐾 Personality and strength
Majin Buu possesses many special abilities and outstanding powers:
• Regeneration: Able to self-regenerate, allowing recovery from any injury.
• Absorption: The ability to absorb others to enhance strength and abilities.
• Chocolate Beam: A beam of energy that can transform the target into candy or other food.
• Ki Blast: Powerful energy beam that can destroy everything in its path.
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